Undefeated fertile hordes 
For what reason do I seethe thunderously beyond the contentment? 
Their rock cries , though still the wings drift yearning after the hill cowering before a indestructible dream inside the meadow falling beneath a helpless razor...
Their female cats arise inside the abandonment nevermore. 
And why do I arise coiling within the waterfall of abandonment in the King..?
You drift through the agony... 
Their saint flowing from a deadly sea flutters, appallingly.
Tears reclaim the skull far above the magyckal saint, hopelessly once. 
Their wise serpent drifts , yet children swarm!
The city beyond the city waits for me. 
You mourn fitfully.
Run hopelessly, flutter stretching beneath a temple! 
In a padded cell those raindrops discover my thorn yearning after a female martyr!

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Wayback Machine Archive. The original Ruby code can be found there as well.