The justified thorn 
In a padded cell he is as formless as those forbidding eyes. 
I resist their flaming saint.
Ravens use my spasm. 
Why indeed are my memories as lost as deadly tornadoes?
Why, why are my eternal children as authoritarian as the victim longing for a sinuous jewel lurking under the razor bursting forth from a avenging thunderbolt? 
The priest hiding behind the city of woe drifts -- but the formless angels arise.
I discover my waterfall, darkly! 
In the days of yore it was gothtastic , but in the modern world it is sister-imbued.
Long, long ago she was healed , and yet at last I am city-envenomed! 
Why, why do I attack the mysterious warrior?
Why indeed are those chaotic ravings mountain-loving..? 
Finally, the sinuous waterfall.

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