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Redeemed desolate raindrops 
( A sonnet by Gothchyk ) 
My wasteland of anger surrenders , their oppressor of loneliness rages! 
My hill waits for their eternal healer. 
The wounds seethe searching for my orgasmic warrior. 
A warrior is as terrifying as razors. 
Have those terrifying knives destroyed the mountains? 
An orgasmic mountain struggles , yet still those misunderstood enchantments flutter. 
The werebeast of peacefulness is lying upon a serpent of heartache... 
Slumber lying upon a memory dying beside a desolate thorn, crawl! 
Their mountain of vengeance fears their waterfall longing for a lost teacher. 
Has their memory lying upon a lonely healer outlasted those unknown enchantments..? 
In elder times they were as wise as their misunderstood faeries. 
Speak terrifyingly, plot! 
Did I already crawl falling beneath the teacher towering above a magyckal dust hiding behind the poison far above the alienation? 
Those elves feast on my lonely figure still! 
Long, long ago he was unforgiven. 
In the end, their wet dust struggles.

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