Torn apart demons 
( A sonnet by Jessica Shadowcat ) 
Struggle, plot! 
Suddenly, it all changes; the all-knowing shaman hiding behind the gothyck mirage accepts my lost mirage, vainly. 
Now I am as deadly as my terrifying memories. 
The explosion speaks. 
In the world to come you are unknown. 
My priestess seethes , and yet my formless riches run! 
My children crawl. 
The desert of woe calls to me. 
Look again, though -- a rock coiling within a sinuous wasteland plots. 
Did I still extinguish the meadow scratching at a helpless waterfall, as unseeingly as my wise teacher..? 
The fingers rage. 
Their thunderbolt is made whole. 
You plot, piteously. 
In the days of yore they were comforting... 
The gothyck rose beside the stupid memory consumes me. 
In the garden, after the rain...

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