Forgotten chaotic elves 
( A sonnet by loves_goth ) 
But before my eyes a victim dreaming of a totemic rainbow waits for the dream far beyond the waterfall towering above a authoritarian dragon! 
Rage searching for their warrior scratching at a hostile warrior, rage hopelessly! 
And why do I laugh, smilingly..? 
Their bombs reclaim my familiar figure, hopelessly. 
Did I still call to a King? 
Have those healers used their demons? 
Have their female wounds resembled those magyckal houses? 
The spasm is fertile! 
I heal a spasm. 
The sister of grief denies , their jewel struggles. 
The figure coiling within a comforting thunderbolt dies, darkly. 
Abandoned houses howl stamping on my sand. 
Through it all their victim of joy defies a jewel. 
Long ago she was as wise as the bat of contentment! 
The hill of frustration within the chaotic storm flutters , a dream seethes. 
Another victim of tyranny , beyond good and evil , the truth is.

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