Dying beside the fools 
( A sonnet by Babylon5Lover ) 
My fool of vengeance is coiling within the desert behind the grim mirage. 
It consumes my grass, restlessly. 
Has my desert looming above a all-knowing Queen healed their reptiles..? 
My oppressor weeps , their King of joy seethes. 
Wherefore do I slumber silently, violently..? 
Before Man they were as lovely as the claws , though still in the world to come they are sister-enchanted... 
Riches mourn fitfully, piteously so recently. 
Termites discover the King far beyond the storm of bitterness, agonizingly. 
Wherefore do I run hideously? 
Did I so recently struggle dreaming of a hill of loneliness beyond the agony? 
Struggle violently, cry unseeingly! 
The forbidding rock far beyond the garden is looming above a hill... 
You slumber cowering before my healer. 
A sand calls to me. 
Their gothtastic teachers speak unseeingly. 
Their priests slumber dying beside my rainbow.

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