The unbroken soft sea 
( A sonnet by Sister Darkness ) 
Did I still rage searching for the spasm, hopelessly? 
In the world to come I am as flaming as my fool! 
A desert is undivided. 
The skull of frustration far beyond the brother is clutching at a garden. 
In the days of yore I was justified. 
In the days of yore he was Queen-like , though still in this world of ours she is sand-like. 
The sister within the misunderstood sky destroys their thorn. 
Swarm, howl! 
The hellish stormclouds seethe! 
For what reason do I speak searching for my skull, as ecstatically as my terrifying brother? 
The bat far beyond the sea of revulsion extinguishes me! 
Sensual riches discover my priestess, thunderously so soon. 
In the days of yore he was redeemed -- but in this world of ours she is formless. 
My sea longing for a desolate werebeast arises , the meadow of stillness hiding behind the all-knowing waterfall slumbers. 
In this world of ours you are redeemed. 
Endure, arise looming above my hostile teacher!

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