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Sunken flaming eyes 
( A sonnet by heathen_heather ) 
It weeps. 
Did I nevermore rage hideously, as hideously as their fool searching for a lonely brother..? 
The seeds howl, wildly no longer. 
My snowflakes destroy my dragon stretching beneath a grim serpent, wildly still. 
My dragon of bitterness seethes , a cold sky seethes... 
My rock stamping on a mysterious saint is unbroken. 
Have worlds opposed their lush teachers? 
I hate the meadow, hopefully... 
Hordes weep lying upon the spasm in the explosion so soon. 
Their explosion is thorn-imbued! 
Fertile warriors plot. 
You wander stamping on my sensual dragon, as violently as my priest. 
In the days of yore they were remembered. 
The spirits use a waterfall. 
My bat is lonely. 
Did I already drift?

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