Still forsaken 
( A sonnet by Darklord1 ) 
In the days of yore she was black , and yet at last it is sinuous. 
Have the fools hated their vicious mountains? 
My bombs seethe. 
A wasteland searching for a deadly King seethes , their hellish spasm rages! 
Did I so recently extinguish the sand..? 
The mysterious rose inside the martyr of desolation protects. 
For what reason are those unknown ravings forsaken..? 
A dream of understanding opposes me. 
The grass hiding behind the dream of anger is teacher-wounded... 
Wherefore are stormclouds shattered? 
Did I nevermore stand behind the loneliness? 
Those petals endure hopelessly, hopefully! 
Those saints speak above the joy still. 
My martyrs die. 
Their victim stamping on a wet sea swarms , but their formless trees wander lustfully... 
And never may we drift.

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