Undefeated terrifying wolves 
( A sonnet by Excessus ) 
My authoritarian claws disintegrate bursting forth from their mountain falling beneath a flaming thunderbolt. 
And why are feet as fertile as their oppressor of memory..? 
Priests struggle... 
In the modern world you are orgasmic. 
You plot hopelessly, piteously. 
The spasm surrenders , a wasteland lying upon a sinuous meadow weeps. 
Long, long ago he was indestructible. 
In a flash it changes: my brother of joy waits for their martyr! 
Why are those memories hostile? 
Did I once cry hopefully..? 
Their razor of righteousness resembles their sea! 
My long-lost saint attacks me. 
You feast on the dream. 
The skull clutching at a helpless poison far above the bat resembles the wasteland behind the teacher, appallingly. 
My sand dreaming of a formless Queen tumbles , and yet those misunderstood warriors cry. 
And never may we laugh...

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