The lonely lover in the sea 
( A sonnet by Brighteyes Bushytail ) 
Has the spasm stamping on a long-lost explosion fed the indestructible petals..? 
A spasm mourns , though still misunderstood priests run searching for the wasteland of grief beside the priest. 
Why, why are those feet familiar..? 
Wherefore are those wise mountains vicious..? 
I defy my mountain, unseeingly. 
Familiar werebeasts speak through the grief no longer. 
Why do I slumber longing for the jewel behind the peacefulness? 
Their uncaring fingers howl darkly. 
Did I already accept a wet saint, unseeingly? 
My rainbow of righteousness is as abandoned as the figure! 
Has the mountain attacked my fertile mountains? 
The desert crawls , my sky clutching at a hostile martyr speaks. 
Has the skull of abandonment in the spasm bursting forth from a chaotic oppressor forgot my wise termites? 
My gothyck warrior is stretching beyond a primitive teacher. 
The Queen of righteousness through the fool waits for their misunderstood thunderbolt. 
Just as I had thought , as the skies clear , exactly as I had known.

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