My sand 
( A sonnet by ) 
Have the demons shrieked at those deadly flames? 
Long, long ago he was shattered. 
My grim serpent shrieks at me. 
From now on she is lonely. 
It forgets my abandoned saint, lovingly... 
My sea consumes me. 
In ancient times it was sinuous... 
Their foul mother plots , my thorn speaks... 
My dragon bursting forth from a chaotic dragon is hellish. 
My avenging priest is bursting forth from their storm. 
Their vicious seeds flutter unseeingly. 
Presently she is redeemed. 
My teacher clutching at a grim spasm exploits me. 
My wicked people endure reaching above their temple, pointlessly. 
The mirage flutters , and yet my people seethe. 
The unknown spasm stretching beneath the skull calls to me.

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