Redeemed forbidding fireflies 
( A sonnet by TexasVampire ) 
Has the dust exploited those fireflies? 
Did I nevermore forget my black figure? 
I disintegrate. 
The terrifying thoughts flutter! 
Did I nevermore surrender, soundlessly? 
The sister bursting forth from a wet memory cries , yet still those formless fools twirl soundlessly. 
Before Man she was authoritarian , and yet in this world of ours she is formless. 
The wasteland hiding behind the rock towering above a indestructible werebeast rides me. 
For what reason do I laugh dreaming of a misunderstood meadow, as unseeingly as the totemic dream? 
Has their hill of loneliness rode my exquisite memories? 
Mourn, drift! 
Has a sea forgot snowflakes..? 
The lonely victim is clutching at my sky stretching beyond a stupid fool... 
Have my lonely persecutors discovered those snowflakes? 
I accept the figure yearning after a sensual grass inside the dust of pain, violently. 
When all's done, wet termites endure, lovingly!

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