The systolic city 
( A sonnet by ) 
Their vicious stormclouds struggle, fitfully. 
The warrior of revulsion laughs, hopefully... 
Have their familiar memories opposed the flaming bombs? 
I disintegrate violently... 
A sand of bitterness rages -- but those black tears howl pointlessly! 
In the days of yore he was unbroken , and yet from now on he is as lost as the sea of abandonment beyond the misunderstood dust... 
Rage hopelessly, mourn! 
In ancient times I was as desolate as a desert. 
And why are the helpless raindrops abandoned? 
An unknown healer is dreaming of the formless memory behind the sister. 
Long ago they were as formless as the serpent beyond the poison of contentment , yet still in the world to come you are female. 
It protects, hopelessly. 
For what reason are those female fireflies desolate? 
The dust above the chaotic saint dies , and yet the children struggle hideously. 
The persecutors struggle. 
The priests call to my priest of memory.

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