(Last updated: Jan 2, 2018)

I've been trying out Arch Linux. What's here now is just my own Arch repo for various things which aren't in the main repos. Mostly just taken from AUR and compiled by myself.

Packages (and the repo itself) are signed with this key.

To enable the repo (not that anyone but myself is likely to ever want to do so), you'd follow the instructions found at the Arch wiki under unofficial_user_repositories and Package_signing#Adding_unofficial_keys. Briefly, though, add the following to /etc/pacman.conf:

SigLevel = Required
Server = http://apocalyptech.com/linux/arch/cj

Then do one of the following:

  1. Grab cj_arch_signing_key.pub and run:

    pacman-key -a cj_arch_signing_key.pub
  2. Or just have pacman-key grab it from a keyserver:
    pacman-key -r 9E91E6BC8BF2B7028B77F6AE800A59499850590A
In either case, then run the following to sign the key:
pacman-key --lsign-key 9E91E6BC8BF2B7028B77F6AE800A59499850590A

"Source" packages are available as well, created with "makepkg -S". These files just contain PKGBUILD, for the most part, and any other support files which aren't the actual sourcecode packages themselves (which makepkg will fetch on its own when you make them).

The Repo

What's in here, anyway?

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