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This package is a collection of applications which let you edit your character and maps in savegames of Eschalon Book I, Eschalon Book II, and Eschalon Book III by Basilisk Games.

Right now it supports the editing of just about everything you'd want to edit, though there's still plenty of values in the file of whose purpose I'm unaware. See the TODO file for information on what needs to be done with the app still, which is quite a bit. The README file should be pretty informative as well. The app is released under the GNU GPL 2.0.

The apps were developed on Linux, and they use Python 2, GTK+, Cairo, and PyGTK to do its stuff. It works on Windows and Mac OS X as well.

Sourcecode, Bug Tracker: Github
(Full sourcecode is also included in the zip/tgz archives)

The Eschalon Savefile Editor used to utilize a project page on as its primary file distribution endpoint, but that page has been effectively shut down now.


The app seems stable enough for me, but use your head and keep a backup of any files that you use this on. Note that most map files have an associated file with a ".ent" extension which would need to be backed up as well. Let me know if anything ends up eating your files, because I'd like to fix any bugs which may exist. Just don't get upset if it does. :) This application should be considered beta software still.

Also, and this should go without saying, this app will certainly allow you to construct character files and maps which Eschalon never intended to have in-place. Be aware that if you go crazy with the settings, you could very well end up with a file that Eschalon can't deal with, or which has subtle effects on the gameplay which may not be immediately apparent.


This editor is on track to become "officially endorsed" by Basilisk Games as the tool to use for mod creation in Eschalon Book III. This forum post details the current state of mod support in Book III version 1.02. Right now all the released mods for Books II and III are distributed in a "savegame" format, where you start a new game and then copy the mod files into your save slot. The officially-supported modding mechanism will involve using "global" map files put into a "mods" directory - see the forum post for more information about that.

If you end up creating new maps for Eschalon, please do the right thing and respect Basilisk Games' wishes in regards to custom content:

  1. You cannot sell what you make; it must be free.
  2. If you put your content up for download anywhere other than the official Basilisk Games forums, you need to have a link that jumps back to the Book I, Book II, or Book III pages, as appropriate.



    1.0.1 - released April 15, 2014

    Windows EXE: eschalon_utils_1_0_1_setup.exe (sig)
    sha1sum: ddd3225b4ddcc5e601bb46cf1223ad2ab5c66c27
    sha256sum: fe5b2ce7cc191b87f0b637320c87eb3efaae9d8cd72efe7abac28002176869e8
    Linux/Source (tgz): eschalon_utils-1.0.1.tar.gz (sig)
    sha1sum: 886d07e95d1ac42bb654542c9dbcb880e58d0fea
    sha256sum: 25209e14b903699bdbdcfe7c66d823feaa861b0142a802d8ca9bd61018f9e090
    OSX (dmg): Eschalon Utils 1.0.1.dmg (sig)
    sha1sum: fd183f64835b9741ea69cf62b3cc1d035804044a
    sha256sum: 66bbae2c526314e29704448e5ad97c730bd227572eedc97aeedf10f7d84decaf
    Other (zipfile): (sig)
    sha1sum: ef51fd9b487988d6739a6e4d7f86f975cc2616d4
    sha256sum: f6f0896c2a3824cd079f64fba37781c39f3afb845c723bf0a1ca00ebb00c8d73
    Signed sha256 checksums: eschalon_utils-1.0.1-sha256sum.txt.asc

    (Releases signed by B4ABC956)

    Note: The tgz and zip versions of the Book 2 Map Editor requires a couple extra packages to work, see the Installation page for more info. The Windows EXE is unaffected, as are the character editors, and Book 1 map editing.

Known Eschalon Mods

Book I

Book II

Book III


Orion Transfer (specifically Samuel Williams and Hermann Gundel) created a Book 1 character editor for OSX called Goblin Hacker, which looks real nice, and from a visual perspective, at least, puts my app to shame. <smile>


Feel free to email me at if you've got questions or concerns. I'm also logged in to as the user "apocalyptech" if you'd prefer that. Alternatively, here's a thread at the Basilisk Forums which I watch.