Screenshots, version 0.7.0

Note: the "Unknowns" tab is currently unimplemented.

The utility also provides text output, if you so desire. Here's some sample output (also book 2) of that view.

Character Info

Book I
Base Information, Book 1
Book II
Base Information, Book 2


Book I
Character Effects, Book 1
Book II
Character Effects, Book 2


Book I
Character Spells, Book 1
Book II (with bound portal locations)
Character Spells, Book 2


Character Inventory (1) Character Inventory (2)

Equipped Items

Character Equipment

Readied Items

Readied Items

Misc Items

(Keyring only active for Book II characters)
Miscellaneous Items

Item Screen - Basic Information

Basic Item Information

Item Screen - Image Selection Popup

Item Image Selection Dialog

Item Screen - Modifiers

Book I
Item Modifiers, Book 1
Book II
Item Modifiers, Book 2

Item Screen - Misc Attributes

Miscellaneous Item Attributes


Preferences Dialog