Justified tears 
"save us from ourselves!" she is unbroken! 
Their soft wolves disintegrate falling beneath the werebeast behind the wasteland.
My waterfall lying upon a comforting rainbow is cowering before the dust searching for a magyckal spasm in the city. 
Flutter, flutter lying upon the rainbow of memory!
My desolate tears speak. 
My memory drifts, hopelessly.
Snowflakes drift yearning after the rainbow above the abandoned mirage... 
Their desolate raindrops cry...
Why do I fear a thunderbolt? 
Long, long ago she was terrifying -- but at last you are hill-enchanted.
I endure clutching at their healer of grief inside the agony. 
In the end, a Queen weeps.

Original URL: jbrowse.com (has been defunct for some time)

Wayback Machine Archive. The original Ruby code can be found there as well.