The dust of memory 
A temple of anger tumbles , the explosion arises! 
And why are their systolic hordes as flaming as their victim?
You tumble, hopefully... 
The exquisite rock through the storm reaching above a foul Queen struggles , their lover of memory rages!
Has a serpent mocked those indestructible warriors? 
Their mother of agony is longing for their teacher stretching beyond a forbidding mountain!
Wherefore are their healers shattered? 
Why indeed are their forbidding faeries as gothtastic as their snowflakes?
The poison of alienation within the victim seethes , though still feet surrender. 
Run, slumber!
You disintegrate beyond the heartache... 
Endure longing for the mother bursting forth from a female thunderbolt inside the dragon at last...

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Wayback Machine Archive. The original Ruby code can be found there as well.