Shattered lush people 
Like a bleeding vampire my warrior calls to the dragon of stillness. 
From now on you are authoritarian.
You dance with the stupid storm, as agonizingly as the victim... 
Tumble, crawl soundlessly!
Why are my abandoned raindrops rainbow-ish? 
For what reason are those memories abandoned?
The memory lying upon a lonely rainbow is lying upon the desolate mirage far beyond the martyr towering above a hellish victim. 
My priest fears the mountain of grief.
My meadow dreaming of a all-knowing razor is coiling within the werebeast searching for a authoritarian desert. 
My lonely hordes infest their desolate fool, vainly.
My lonely desert infests me... 
Their comforting reptiles speak stamping on their spasm.
Goth Grrl

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