The redeemed poison of agony 
In my childhood my abandoned thoughts used. 
You endure beside the righteousness...
Lovely seeds dance with their sister. 
A mountain dreaming of a terrifying healer stands -- but those misunderstood enchantments laugh violently.
A storm is shattered. 
Have the hordes outlasted orgasmic stormclouds?
The terrifying wolves extinguish the sea coiling within a unknown garden, as smilingly as a garden dreaming of a sinuous shaman nevermore. 
And why do I drift hopefully?
Has the rainbow of vengeance behind the dream resembled those spirits? 
The lonely wings attack their dragon, restlessly still.
A warrior is flowing from the mountain! 
Will the lost priest behind the sea never flutter?

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Wayback Machine Archive. The original Ruby code can be found there as well.