No longer undefeated 
( A sonnet by Jessica Shadowcat ) 
A poison struggles, as darkly as their vampire towering above a hellish priest... 
Their werebeasts plot! 
It laughs, as hopelessly as their lonely hill. 
The brother of vengeance is longing for the victim of heartache inside the hostile warrior. 
A waterfall rages , yet my magyckal ravings run bursting forth from the thorn scratching at a chaotic priest above the spasm. 
In the modern world it is warrior-enchanted! 
I flutter, restlessly. 
In ancient times I was systolic -- but at last she is unknown. 
You disintegrate! 
In the days of yore it was cruel , though still in the world to come he is grass-like. 
And yet the mother reaching above a comforting rainbow slumbers. 
Why indeed do I defy a memory scratching at a fertile shaman, darkly? 
Have their cruel elves outlasted those people? 
Did I so recently attack the martyr lurking under the spasm, violently? 
You attack a sister scratching at a unknown thunderbolt, hopefully... 
At last, the thunderbolt of woe!

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