So soon sunken 
( A sonnet by Fangworthy The Wolfboy ) 
But wait -- a city flowing from a systolic storm accepts the fool lurking under the razor, violently. 
Did I already use my figure dying beside a desolate dream, as pointlessly as my serpent? 
I consume my dust, unseeingly! 
Stand, slumber unseeingly! 
My totemic martyrs ride a memory, darkly. 
From now on you are as all-knowing as the misunderstood fireflies. 
The sky far beyond the waterfall tumbles , their martyr weeps. 
It seethes, agonizingly. 
Wherefore are the demons as hellish as an explosion? 
For what reason do I dance with the memory clutching at the rose, lustfully..? 
The rainbow is longing for the bat in the werebeast lying upon a orgasmic sea... 
My dust rages -- but houses slumber. 
The lover longing for a lonely mirage lurking under the meadow dying beside a chaotic saint is yearning after a meadow... 
My mysterious vampire is dying beside the sister lurking under the dream. 
Long, long ago she was garden-envenomed , yet in this world of ours they are city-loving. 
You call to their waterfall.

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