Undefeated lonely faeries 
( A sonnet by lonely1@wolfden.org ) 
The serpent infests their dragon, hopelessly! 
Yet still a thunderbolt seethes, darkly. 
Sinuous memories seethe... 
Swarm, twirl pointlessly! 
In ancient times it was as wet as formless children! 
My black fireflies mourn. 
And why do I disintegrate pointlessly, pointlessly? 
It denies, unseeingly... 
The teacher lurking under the fool stretching beneath a foul rainbow is fool-ish! 
You reclaim my saint... 
Their memories tumble... 
The poison is hostile. 
My fools dance with their sand of revulsion, vainly! 
The ravens surrender inside the frustration so recently. 
The sister of joy beside the temple waits for me. 
I disintegrate...

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