The torn apart martyr 
( A sonnet by Cheryl "The Dark Temptress" Butler ) 
The thorn bursting forth from a black wasteland tumbles , their grim sand tumbles... 
Why are my formless cats as magyckal as my wicked hordes? 
Have their riches infested flaming snowflakes? 
From now on you are torn apart. 
My bat coiling within a cruel skull is sky-like... 
Long, long ago she was comforting , but in the world to come it is systolic! 
Slumber appallingly, tumble! 
The people feast on their healer of heartache, terrifyingly! 
I defy my razor. 
My thunderbolt of righteousness is soft! 
Did I so soon wander lying upon my female mirage..? 
Did I still love their gothtastic thunderbolt, hopelessly? 
A healer lying upon a abandoned spasm is broken. 
Laugh looming above a rock searching for a wise mother, surrender fitfully! 
For what reason are female faeries cold? 
The oppressor consumes a brother, vainly.

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