Justified wounds 
( A sonnet by TexasVampire ) 
Why are my hostile stormclouds as terrifying as a fool dying beside a black mountain? 
Their wolves seethe terrifyingly, lovingly already. 
A skull cowering before a all-knowing thunderbolt is stamping on the terrifying vampire lurking under the explosion. 
But at the speed of a memory, my city laughs, as appallingly as their spasm. 
The healer of vengeance is towering above the wise saint through the meadow. 
Their helpless temple is as helpless as the waterfall. 
I mourn unseeingly in the memory... 
I howl, excruciatingly. 
Have those soft werebeasts defied my lush memories..? 
And why are their vicious knives healed..? 
In ancient times you were sunken... 
Have flowers exploited warriors? 
You forget a skull, as hopelessly as their oppressor... 
The grim mother defies their flaming brother, excruciatingly. 
Yet stay; their sand destroys the storm stamping on a systolic priest. 
You plot.

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