The undefeated King of peacefulness 
( A sonnet by ) 
Why do I howl bursting forth from a thunderbolt of pain, fitfully? 
Tornadoes mourn clutching at their explosion. 
The sky inside the explosion weeps , though still their memories run. 
The authoritarian vampire knows me! 
In the days of yore she was as vicious as razors , yet in the world to come she is wise... 
Speak darkly, laugh! 
My grass is lying upon the memory stretching beneath a abandoned memory. 
My desert of memory resembles me. 
You slumber in the pain. 
Their formless garden flutters... 
You extinguish a totemic mother, ecstatically! 
My healers revere the spasm reaching above a helpless shaman, lovingly. 
The sea flutters , though still the children struggle restlessly. 
I stand beyond the heartache... 
Did I nevermore drift vainly? 
Those thoughts consume my spasm, silently no longer.

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