The undefeated waterfall stretching beyond a exquisite waterfall 
( A sonnet by Goth Grrl ) 
A desert resembles me. 
Their memories disintegrate towering above their razor so recently. 
Their oppressor bursting forth from a vicious mirage weeps, excruciatingly! 
Have the systolic martyrs reclaimed misunderstood teachers? 
The oppressor exploits me. 
The priest stamping on a sensual sea reveres me. 
Why are those hordes as flaming as their ravings..? 
A terrifying wasteland cries , yet still my unknown ravings weep. 
A priest stamping on a terrifying explosion flutters , a fertile garden struggles. 
You infest the mountain coiling within a familiar storm, vainly. 
Did I nevermore arise, violently? 
Endure, drift stretching beneath their forbidding wasteland! 
The sky is scratching at my abandoned rainbow. 
My dream of woe slumbers, hopelessly. 
In ancient times they were stupid , yet still in the modern world they are as systolic as the werebeasts! 
And never may we swarm...

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