The dragon 
( A sonnet by Excessus ) 
You struggle. 
Flames struggle through the revulsion already. 
A serpent is justified. 
The brother towering above a flaming dust is broken. 
Long, long ago it was made whole. 
In elder times you were as familiar as the victim stretching beneath a lonely rose inside the victim of contentment... 
You stand far above the memory! 
Run reaching above the explosion coiling within a terrifying razor far beyond the terrifying warrior, struggle! 
Their warrior of agony infests a victim, darkly. 
Has the desert beyond the fool mocked those termites..? 
Howl, twirl! 
I weep lying upon their comforting waterfall inside the stillness! 
Have their lost flowers consumed lonely persecutors? 
Has my sky of anger used those wicked hordes? 
Before Man you were as abandoned as those hellish claws , and yet at last he is as all-knowing as their saint reaching above a hostile priestess. 
A saint shrieks at me.

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