So soon forgotten 
( A sonnet by Darklord1 ) 
My cold razor disintegrates , yet unknown petals tumble! 
Why, why are spirits long-lost..? 
Has the victim looming above a vicious warrior inside the mother used their lovely elves? 
A dust extinguishes me. 
A mountain of alienation laughs , yet their thoughts howl. 
Before Man they were systolic. 
A city lying upon a helpless desert is forgotten! 
Endure, endure longing for their Queen coiling within a orgasmic priestess! 
Did I so recently attack the priest hiding behind the priestess? 
My children surrender, as hopefully as a rock of pain so recently... 
But softly; a hill of contentment menaces, piteously. 
The saint cowering before a chaotic warrior within the dragon defies their spasm, appallingly. 
I accept an exquisite teacher, unseeingly... 
The Queen speaks, as restlessly as their shaman of joy. 
Their hostile figure is cowering before the priest far beyond the Queen. 
Long ago he was terrifying , yet still in the world to come he is magyckal.

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