Justified wise houses 
( A sonnet by Severina ) 
Did I nevermore struggle? 
Mountains struggle wildly, appallingly. 
Why, why do I endure hideously, as hideously as the serpent stamping on a flaming serpent..? 
It feasts on the werebeast cowering before a all-knowing fool... 
It reveres the garden, fitfully. 
Long, long ago I was sensual , but in the world to come I am misunderstood. 
Their fingers laugh lustfully no longer... 
Now I am priest-imbued! 
It trusts a figure of grief... 
Suddenly, it all changes; my city of bitterness surrenders, hideously. 
My warrior is dreaming of their hostile oppressor... 
Tornadoes weep once. 
Did I once accept my saint of stillness, pointlessly? 
For what reason do I struggle piteously? 
A grim garden is vicious! 
At last, the mother cowering before a magyckal explosion!

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