(Last updated: June 30, 2005)

Some notes on getting SIP to work behind NAT

NOTE: This page was last updated in 2005, and I'd be shocked if any of this was applicable anymore. I'm leaving it up just in case, but beware!

I've recently come into 'posession' of a live SIP address which is hooked up to a real, honest-to-god phone line. I had wanted to use it, but quickly found that getting SIP to work when your network is behind a NAT is no small task.

I spent rather a lot of time digging through both Google and packet dumps, and in the efforts of possibly helping somebody out who's trying to figure out the same stuff, I'll put this page out here for Google to find.

This page currently discusses (at least briefly) the following:

So that's just about it really. Let me know if you've got any questions, or if you think I've got something wrong here, or if you know of some handy trick which would be useful to be here. Hopefully Google'll pick this page up in a bit and it can help somebody out. Good luck!


June 30, 2005
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