Overriding Textures

In general, X-Ray will attempt to use the same texture pack that Minecraft is using, but there may be some circumstances where you want X-Ray to use a particular texture.

X-Ray will look in four locations for the texture information to load, in this order:

  1. Inside the following directories, as an override:
    • Windows: %appdata%\.minecraft_xray\textures\
    • OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/.minecraft_xray/textures/
    • Linux: ~/.minecraft_xray/textures/

  2. From the texture pack that Minecraft itself is set to use

  3. From Minecraft's builtin texture pack. This could be a custom texture pack if you've patched the Minecraft JAR file directly with a texture pack, as opposed to using Minecraft's built-in texture-loading mechanism.

  4. Starting with X-Ray 3.4.0, from a bundled, built-in texturepack included with X-Ray itself. This method should theoretically never fail, unless the X-Ray install directory has been modified.

The override texture directory mirrors the internal structure of the texturepacks, but should not be a zipfile. Right now there are four files that X-Ray could end up reading from this directory:

  • terrain.png
  • particles.png (for the "fire" texture)
  • misc/water.png
  • art/kz.png (this is the Paintings texture file)
So, rather than packing those inside a zipfile, just put them inside the "textures" directory and restart X-Ray.

Note that this will work for files specified in custom block definition files. For instance, if you're using Aethermod and want to override the "Icestone.png" file, you'd put your own Icestone.png file into .minecraft_xray/textures/aether/blocks/.

Configuration File / Keymappings

Starting with X-Ray 3.5.0, X-Ray has a GUI to alter both keybindings and Block Highlighting, so there should be no need to edit its properties file by hand. There's nothing preventing you from doing so, though. The properties file will be created when you first start up the program. It can be found at:

  • Windows: %appdata%\.minecraft_xray\xray.properties
  • OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/.minecraft_xray/xray.properties
  • Linux: ~/.minecraft_xray/xray.properties
The key names used should be the ones from lwjgl.org, though without the KEY_ prefix. Use "NONE" to disable an action. Note that right now only keyboard keys can be bound (the mouse buttons are hard-coded). The default keybindings can be found on the usage page.

To reset X-Ray to its default settings, simply remove the properties file. Note that if you edit this file while X-Ray is running, there's a chance it might be overwritten by X-Ray, so if you are going to edit it by hand, do so when X-Ray is not running.