Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start X-Ray?
See the Usage section, but either unzip or untar the archive, and then run the appropriate shortcut:
Windows minecraft_xray.exe or minecraft_xray.bat
Linux / OSX or minecraft_xray_osx.command
How do I load an SMP/multiplayer world?
X-Ray needs to have access to the actual world directory in order to load a multiplayer world. Once you have a copy of the world directory on your local hard drive (or on a network share you have access to), just start up X-Ray, choose "Other..." from the world list, and browse to where the world directory is. If you hear people talking about using X-Ray on an SMP world, it's pretty likely that they're either talking about the unrelated XRay mod or the also-unrelated X-Ray Texture Pack.
How do I see my current position?
The default key for this is the "grave" accent, also known as a backtick. It's the same key as the tilde (~) on American keyboards. You can override the key in the config file if you want; for details see the configuration page. A full list of available keys is on the usage page.
Why won't X-Ray start up?

If there's an error, X-Ray should report it to you in a popup window. You could report that error (with the full text of the Exception shown) either in the forums or at the bug tracker, or mail me at Additionally, X-Ray should generate a file called "minecraft_xray_output_log.txt" in the main directory where X-Ray is contained. That file may contain useful information to include in the bug report as well.